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Resources created by Stockton, faculty, administrators and professional staff will be added to this page as they are developed.

Stockton’s ELO Learning Maps

The Learning Maps for Stockton’s ten Essential Learning Outcomes grew out of campus-wide efforts in 2010 and 2011 to identify and to provide examples and definitions for each of the outcomes. The Maps offer guidance for ways in which faculty members and professional staff who create learning opportunities for Stockton students might consider incorporating ELOs into assignments, exercises, and courses.

The Learning Maps are not rubrics; however, some faculty members have adapted one or more of the Learning Maps into formative assessment or grading tools for the purposes of measuring students’ learning in their courses.

To access Stockton’s ten ELO Learning Maps, click here.

Adapting to Change Rubric

There are various types of changes that students might find themselves adapting to during college: changes in personal identity; intellectual or spiritual changes; changes in social lives and family or community socio-economic circumstances; changes in the world around them; and changes that need to occur and that the student/group of students can work to effect. For a rubric that can be used to assess class projects that ask students to identify a needed social change or to map out an advocacy strategy, click here.

This rubric is adapted from Stockton’s ELO Learning Map for Adapting to Change and from the outline for Steps in the Change Process in Outcomes for Success (2000) by Jane Reisman and Judith Clegg, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Information Literacy Rubric

For the rubric used during Stockton’s 2014 ELO pilot to assess information literacy and research skills, click here.

This rubric is adapted by Sonia Gonsalves and Mary Ann Trail from the ELO Learning Map for Information Literacy and Research Skills and from the American Library Association (ALA) Information Literacy Competency Standards. For more information about the ALA and the ALA competency standards, click here.

AAC&U VALUE rubrics will be used for assessment during Stockton’s 2015 ELO pilot. To access AAC&U rubrics and resources, click here.