Gallery: Office of the Provost

Lori Vermeulen

Lori Vermeulen, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Carra Leah Hood

Carra Leah Hood, Associate Provost for Strategic Planning, Academic Programming, and Assessment

Michelle McDonald

Michelle McDonald, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Tom Grites

Tom Grites, Assistant Provost for Academic Support

John Smith

John Smith,  Executive Assistant to the Provost

Nicholas Mansor

Nicholas Mansor, Officer for Budget and Accounting 

Joe Sramaty

Joe Sramaty, Administrative Assistant to the Provost

Kelly Oquist

Kelly Oquist, Professional Services Specialist

Brenda Sterling

Brenda Sterling, Professional Services Specialist

Gail Tracy

Gail Tracy, Professional Services Specialist

Elizabeth Masterson

Elizabeth Masterson, Professional Services Specialist