Taskforce on Shared Governance

The Taskforce on Shared Governance ScreenshotThe Taskforce on Shared Governance engaged faculty leaders, staff, administrators, and Board members in a discussion of the definition and best practices of shared governance as they relate to Stockton University; assessed the state of shared governance at Stockton and developed recommendations to strengthen it, creating opportunities for joint planning and effort; and developed a strategy for communicating decisions with all of our constituents, including students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, the community at large and other University supporters.

Committee members included:

  • Susan Davenport, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff (Co-Chair)
  • Mady Deininger, Trustee (Co-Chair)
  • Trish Collins, Community Engagement Liason & Adjunt Instructor
  • Judy Copeland, Associate Professor of Writing (SFT Representative)
  • Jessica Grullon, Assistant Director of Graduate Studies (SFT Professional Staff)
  • Toni Hilsin, Professional Services Specialist 3, (CWA Representative)
  • Lisa Honaker, Dean of ARHU
  • Ron Hutchison, Associate Professor of Biology (SFT Representative)
  • Brian K. Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, Atlantic City Campus
  • Jessica Kay, Planning Analyst
  • Patricia McGinnis, Professor of Physical Therapy
  • Pedro Santana, Assistant Vice President Division Administration and Strategic Initiatives
  • William Hamilton, Sr. Repairer

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