How Do I Report...?

If you are in immediate or imminent danger, please dial 911 or call Stockton University Police at 609-652-4390

Sexual misconduct is the broad term used at Stockton to capture incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating & domestic violence, and stalking. Formal complaints can only be filed with the Title IX Coordinator. More information about Title IX can be found here. Reports can also be made to your local police or Stockton University Police at 609-652-4390.

Report to Title IX Coordinator

Report to Stockton University Police: 609-652-4390

Reports can also be submitted through the incident report form; the Title IX Coordinator will follow up to determine if a formal complaint is being filed. Please be sure to select "Title IX/Sexual Misconduct" as the "Nature of this report."

Incident Report Form

Not sure what it means to submit a formal report or want to explore your options? Students can also connect confidentially to an advocate 24/7 through the WGSC Hotline at 609-849-8473. While this is not filing a formal report, advocates can provide support, resources, and reporting options. Avanzar of Atlantic County is another resource available to victims and survivors, available at 1-800-286-4184.  

WGSC Hotline: 609-849-8473

Avanzar: 1-800-286-4184  TEXT: 609-569-5437

Any action that intentionally or recklessly causes or threatens bodily harm, presents imminent danger, or endangers the health or safety of any person. If you need immediate assistance, medical attention, or want to explore criminal charges, please contact your local police or Stockton University Police at 609-652-4390. You can also report to the Care & Community Standards Office if you do not want police involvement, want to explore code of conduct charges, or are interested in mediation. 

Report to Stockton University Police: 609-652-4390

Report to Care & Community Standards Office

Any intentional and unauthorized taking of property, obtaining property under false pretenses, knowingly possessing, keeping, or receiving stolen property, or destroying or damaging, or threatening to destroy or damage property, or defacing state-owned or state-controlled property can be reported to the Care & Community Standards Office for a code of conduct violation or mediation. Please contact your local police or Stockton University Police at 609-652-4390 to file a police report.

Report to Care & Community Standards Office

Report to Stockton University Police: 609-652-4390

Anyone can report an alleged code of conduct violation to the Care & Community Standards Office. Our office only manages complaints about students. Details on the code of conduct can be found here.

Report to Care & Community Standards Office

In order to comply with the mandatory requirements of the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), Stockton University is required to collect and publish certain crime statistics annually. This CSA reporting form should be used by a Campus Security Authority (CSA) to report a Clery crime to the Clery Compliance Coordinator. A crime is considered reported when a victim, witness or other third party provides information to a CSA about a Clery Act crime that occurred on any of Stockton University’s campuses, on public property adjacent to or within the campus, or on non-campus property owned or controlled by the University.

CSA Reporting Form

A “Bias Incident” is a verbal, written, physical, or psychological act  that threatens or harms a person or group on the basis of actual or perceived race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, civil union status, domestic partnership status, atypical heredity or cellular blood trait, military service or veteran status, or other protected classes as required by law and that interferes with one’s educational opportunities or disrupts the living, learning, and/or working environment.

Hate crimes are unlawful acts committed with the intent to victimize an individual or group based on the actual or perceived race, color, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, or ethnicity as defined by applicable laws. Hate crimes can also be reported to your local police or Stockton University Police at 609-652-4390.

Report to Bias Response Team

Report to Stockton University Police: 609-652-4390

If you have experienced discrimination from a current student, the Office of Equal Opportunity & Institutional Compliance can assist you with your report. You can also review Stockton's discrimination policy & procedures here.

Report to the Office Equal Opportunity & Institutional Compliance 

If you feel concerned about a student's wellbeing, the welfare of other students or staff/faculty, or they do not seem receptive to your assistance, please refer the student to the Care Team. You should also refer a student to the Care Team if they are having issues outside your role or if the problems are persistent or unresolved.

The Care Team provides support for students who may be displaying concerning behavior. The team gathers information to recommend strategies to intervene in the behavior(s) and connect the student to appropriate resources, both on and off campus.

Faculty can also submit an Early Alert for students in their courses for academic and non-academic concerns. Early Alerts are reviewed by the Care & Community Standards Office, and any follow up coordinated with appropriate campus partners.

Report to Care Team

Submit Early Alert

Academic dishonesty may be manifested in a number of irregularities including, but not limited to, plagiarism and dishonest conduct in the completion of course work. Faculty should be familiar with the Student Academic Honesty Procedure. If punitive action is taken or if Faculty have questions, please contact Academic Appeals.

Contact Academic Appeals

Obstruction or substantial disruption of University activities or operations such as teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, public service functions, or other authorized non-University activities which occur on University premises. It is not limited to behavior in the classroom. 

Faculty should be familiar with the Classroom Disruption Protocol, which outlines responses for minor and major classroom disruptions. Faculty always have the option to work directly with the Academic Dean for a resolution or call Stockton University Police for assistance.

Report to Care & Community Standards Office

Students who wish to interrupt their education for one or more terms must apply for a leave of absence

Students who do not expect to continue at Stockton should immediately complete a formal statement of withdrawal; only students in good academic standing will be permitted to withdraw.

Apply for Leave of Abence or Withdrawal

In the event of life circumstances interfering with making academic progress in the current semester students can elect to withdraw from a course(s) with no negative impact on your grade point average.  Please refer to the academic calendar to learn when students are eligible to withdraw from a course in the currently enrolled term.  The Course Withdrawal University procedure describes the process in greater detail.  Contact the Registrar to withdraw from a course if you have a registration hold prohibiting you from withdrawing online. 

Contact the Registrar

Contact Academic Appeals to appeal for a late or medical withdrawal, up to 20 days after the semester ends.  Refer to the Late or Medical Withdrawal website for guidance on eligibility for appeals. 

Contact Academic Appeals

Students who are are absent from class and would like an official notification sent to their faculty can request one from the Care & Community Standards Office. Students should be familiar with the Course Attendance Policy and their syllabi.

Request Notification of Absence to Faculty

If you have been tested for COVID-19 in any jurisdiction, please contact Stockton as soon as possible. You do not need to wait for results. This will greatly assist our efforts in tracking the people in our community who have been impacted.

Report a COVID-19 Test

Current Stockton Students: If you are sick and would like to be seen by Stockton’s health professionals please contact Student Health Services in advance of visiting the office. Health Services for the Galloway campus can be reached at 609-652-4701 and Atlantic City Campus at 609-345-6000. 

Contact Health Services 609-652-4701(Galloway); 609-345-6000 (Atlantic City) or

Reports of any potential violations of any covid-19 health & safety measures can be shared with the Care & Community Standards Office. 

Report to Care & Community Standards Office

If you aren't sure where to report, you can always submit a report to the Care & Community Standards Office and we will make sure to route it to the correct office, if it isn't with us. 

Report to Care & Community Standards Office