Vision & Mission Statement


The vision of the CARE Program is to support the college's educational mission to provide students a liberal education and to optimize students' use of Stockton’s resources in collaboration with staff, faculty and key administrators to help students realize their academic and career goals.

The CARE Program will explore retention initiatives that focus on retaining at-risk students including first-time freshmen, sophomores and transfer students in collaboration with various departments at Stockton. The Program is open to other segments of the student population including students who identify themselves as in need of CARE services, and students who could lose their status at the University. The Program will fulfill this Vision by providing its participants' excellent academic and direct support services through Individualized Mentoring and Student Support Services that will help them become successful autonomous learners.



The CARE Program is a retention-centered program offered at Stockton University committed to empowering students to succeed at Stockton and beyond. The Program strives to utilize campus-wide resources to identify, evaluate and retain students who join the program. The CARE Program, through the efforts of the CARE team, will facilitate a student’s receipt of coordinated support services with the guidance of a faculty/staff or peer mentor. At the conclusion of the CARE experience, the student will be making self-sustaining progress towards graduation. Consequently, the Program will inspire its program participants to become lifelong learners, active citizens and empower them to lead in a diverse and global community.

Overall Program Goal: To retain and graduate 80% of program participants.

The program has two other major goals. They are:

  1. Provide regular contact with and support to Program participants;
  2. Help Program participants become autonomous learners who can successfully manage their own college experiences.