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Linking College to Careers

parents with their childrenWe have a common goal to see your student become career ready.  Ideally each student will visit our office to utilize the services and understand the value and benefits offered.  Realistically that might or might not happen.  National research indicates that only 5% of entering freshmen think they need career assistance.  That does not mean you need to take a back seat in the process.  You will find some helpful resources below that can help guide you as a parent in your child's career development process.  We know that you are your student's greatest supporter and we hope the information on this website will help advise and coach your student in his or her career exploration. 

Please feel free to contact us at 609-652-4650 if you have questions or need additional information.

Click here for answers to common career development-related questions.

You are your student's greatest supporter and this handout will help you advise and coach your student in his or her career exploration and decision-making.  Also, check out this video on why you should encourage your student to utilize Career Education & Development resources and services:

A great article by a well known professional in the field of career development.

What are employers looking for in job candidates?  What kinds of skills should students be aiming to develop?  Click here to find out.

Contact us at 609-652-4650 to find out where Stockton graduates have landed jobs and where they have been accepted to graduate school.
A list of books that specifically focus on how to support your student through the career development process. 

Career Key provides a list of additional career exploration resources that may be useful in helping your student find his/her best career fit.

Post your employment and internship opportunities, Handshake, free of charge.  This will give Stockton students and alumni 24-hour access to your job listings.
Create more buzz about your organization by partnering with Career Education & Development!  Call us today for more information:  609-652-4650
Looking for more opportunities to connect with the college and other Stockton parents?  Check out the resources and events sponsored by the Stockton Parent and Family Association.