Message from the Executive Director


Dear Colleagues:

It has been five years since I assumed the leadership of the SCCE, and I am pleased to report that our commitment to the community has strengthened. Our programs and initiatives have not only been sustained, but have grown in accord with the 2020 Strategic Plan Engagement Goals. You will see on this website the engagement activities of the SCCE and our community partnerships, which include the Homework Completion Programs, Naturalization classes, Afternoon Tea with Older Adults, Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City, among others. We are especially proud that our Homework Programs in Atlantic City have engaged 19% of the youth who reside at Stanley Holmes Village and 48% of the youth who reside at Buzby Homes Village.

Our successes of the year would not have been possible without the support of the many students, faculty members, staff members, and community partners who contribute to our programs and initiatives. We invite you to learn more about the SCCE and how we can collaborate using our “Idea Development” pages.

Join us in Making Your Mark in the community!


Merydawilda Colón, LSW, PhD

Executive Director, Stockton Center for Community Engagement