Birding with Your Smart Phone


Birding with Your Smartphone

It seems everything is done with some sort of “smart device” today, why not birding? Have you ever wondered what that magical device you keep in your pocket is capable of when it comes to birding? Join Joshua as he teaches you how to use the available technology to be a better birder. This program begins in the classroom and ends with a field experience around Lake Fred. Joshua is a Stockton alumnus, professional environmental educator, avid naturalist, and bird enthusiast. This is a rain or shine event. Bring your Smartphone or tablet and be prepared to download the eBird by Cornell Lab ap.

This course has been cancelled in accordance with COVID-19 precautions.If you have already registered, please check your email for additional information.

Dates: Saturday, June 6, 2020
Time: 8 - 11 a.m.
Location: Stockton University, Galloway
Instructor: Joshua Gant
Cost: $30


About the Instructor:

Joshua Gant, or Josh, began his journey at Ocean County College. After earning his Associates Degree in Environmental Studies, he moved on to Stockton University’s Environmental Studies Program earning his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. He now Works as a Park Naturalist at Wells Mills County Park. But of course, that is not all he does. Most of Josh’s free time is spent birding and studying for his Master’s degree also through Stockton University. He hopes to become a collegiate professor someday but wants to spend more time studying in the field before he makes that dream a reality. He loves birds and is glad to bring you this class dedicated to learning more about our avian friends.