Multicultural Center

Multicultural Center rendering of exterior

The desire to create a Multicultural Center at Stockton became a reality following the expansion of the Academic Quad. In Fall 2020, a committee of staff, faculty, and students came together to conceptualize and bring a center to life.

After evaluating potential sites, the committee voted to locate the Multicultural Center  in lower F-Wing 000.

The Center will:

  1. Provide a sense of belonging and support for students from historically underrepresented communities.
  2. Enhance social justice education and leadership development opportunities for all students
  3. Inspire scholarship and research-based best practices to support inclusive student success; and
  4. Engage campus and community partners to create a dynamic inclusive learning environment at the University.

The Multicultural Center will report to the Division of Student Affairs under the leadership of the Dean of Students.

Multicultural Center Section Plan
Multicultural Center Section Plan


The approximately 4,100-square-foot center will serve as a learning and social space for students and guests. There will be three primary components: the entryway will allow for small receptions and a gallery-like function; the “living room” will serve as a learning and social space for students and guests and includes a kitchenette; and the large multipurpose space with a drop-down projector screen will host viewings, small-scale performances, speakers, and more. That area will also have modular furniture to reconfigure or remove for various set-ups. There will also be ample storage space and office space for anticipated staff. The center will extend outside to a landscaped courtyard, which will also serve as part of the center’s reservable programming space.

Presented as one of two options vetted by Facilities & Operations, OCA Architects was almost unanimously selected to bring the center to fruition with Stockton’s design team. After multiple meetings with the committee, OCA Architects presented a final mock-up that was approved by the Board of Trustees in July 2021. The project will be executed by Yezzi Associates.

  • Chris Catching - Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Don Hudson - Vice President, Facilities & Operations
  • Ashlee Roberts - Executive Director of Student Affairs Planning and Operations
  • Donnetrice Allison - Professor and Coordinator of Africana Studies, Communication Studies, and Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Rhianon Lepree - Director of Real Estate
  • Nordia Johnson - Director of Academic Achievement Programs
  • Marques Johnson - Director for Residential Life Education and Student Services
  • Valerie Hayes - Chief Office for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Arnaldo Cordero-Roman - Professor of Spanish; President, Unidos
  • Merydawilda Colon - Executive Director of the Stockton Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning; Professor of Social Work
  • Luz Allen - Assistant Director of Counseling Services
  • Shedia Laguer - Assistant Director, Student Development
  • Ana Edmondson - Director, Student Transition Programs
  • Haley Baum, Dean of Students
  • Walter Tarver, Assistant Vice President for Student Transitions, Access & Retention
  • Beverly Vaughn - Professor of Music
  • Josh Hunte - Student Senator, Diversity & Inclusion Chairperson
  • Dianne Stalling - Assistant Director, Student Development
  • Kiara Velez-Padilla - President, Los Latinos Unidos (2019-2020)
  • Jessica Grullon - Associate Director of Admissions Services; Vice President of Unidos
  • Danielle Combs - President, NAACP (2019-2020)
  • Brian Jackson - Chief Operating Office, Atlantic City Campus
  • Mark Ciccotelli - Project Manager, Facilities Planning & Construction
  • Charles “Skip” West - Executive Director, Facilities Planning & Construction
  • Marcie Pallante - Assistant to the Executive Director, Facilities Planning & Construction
  • JY Zhou - Director & Senior International Office, Office of Global Engagement
  • Cynthia “Cindy” Gove - Project Manager, Interior & Facilities Management

Support the Multicultural Center

Your gift to the Multicultural Center will support expanded opportunities for the programming and operations. This donation is a restricted gift and will only be used as outlined.