ADA Act Committee Members

The Stockton ADA-Rehabilitation Act Steering Committee (“Steering Committee”) is charged with providing ongoing assistance to the Chief Officer/ADA-504 Coordinator in coordinating Stockton’s effort to ensure that its (1) living, learning, and working environments are accessible to persons with disabilities and (2) procedures, practices and plans for addressing disability issues are responsive to the current understanding of the ADA and Rehabilitation Act requirements.

Committee Members

  • Walead Abdrabouh, Director of Information Systems & Business Intelligence
  • Thomas Chester, Asst. VP for Human Resources Ops./Payroll
  • Stephen B.  Davis, Asst. VP/Dean of Students, Inclusion & Wellness
  • Jennifer Dunkle, Asst. Professor of Social Work
  • Susan Fahey, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Lydia Fecteau, Adjunct Faculty, School of General Studies
  • Linda Feeney, Academic Affairs Liaison for Acessibility & Assistive Technology
  • Lauren Fonseca, Tutoring Center Specialist/Coord. of Academic Support
  • John Fritsch, Director of Facilities Management & Plant Operations
  • Laurie Griscom,  Asst. Dean of Students/Director of Event Services/Campus Ctr. Operations
  • Thomas Grites, Assistant Provost - Academic Support Services
  • Priti Haria, Associate Professor of Education - Special Education
  • Meaghan Haugh Resta, Director of Publications & Special Projects
  • Jonathan Heck, Director of Athletic Operations
  • Heinrich, Robert, Chief Enrollment Management Officer, Co-Chair
  • Donald M. Hudson, Vice President for Facilities & Operations
  • Valerie O. Hayes, Chief Officer for Institutional Diversity & Equity
  • Scott Huston,  Cheif Information Officer
  • Johnathan Johnson,  Director - Community Wellness & Health Education 
  • Joseph LoSasso, Registrar
  • William Quain, Associate Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Robert Ross,  Asst. Director of Counseling & Health Services - Adjunct Faculty
  • Mary Beth Sherrier, Asst. Dean, School of Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • Alan E. Zellner, Deputy Officer for Institutional Diversity & Equity
  • Joseph Toth, Director of Library Services