High School Administrators


Professor Lecturing to a GroupThe Following School Districts/High Schools that have Dual Credit Articulation Agreements through Stockton University’s School of General Studies:

Atlantic County Vocational School District:

  • Atlantic County Institute of Technology

Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts Egg Harbor Township School District

  • Egg Harbor Township School District

Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District:

  • Absegami High School
  • Cedar Creek High School
  • Oak Crest High School

Holy Spirit High School

Lower Cape May Regional School District

  • Lower Cape May Regional High School

Mainland Regional High School

Ocean City School District

  • Ocean City High School

Vineland Public School District

  • Vineland High School South

To Superintendents, Principals & Directors of Curriculum

Stockton University’s School of General Studies can help your students succeed. Your dual credit partnerships with Stockton will enable your high school students to earn college credits prior to receiving their diplomas, making the transition to college and their likelihood of attaining a college degree greater.

Benefits to the High School

Working with Stockton University’s Dual Credit Program, administrators create a collegial atmosphere in their schools.

  1. Stockton University’s Dual Credit Program brings the college experience directly to students who might never have imagined pursuing college.
  2. When it offers dual credits from Stockton University, your school district/high school acts as a positive force toward stimulating a conversation with parents about how they think about education, both high school and college.
  3. Stockton University’s Dual Credit courses provide tremendous savings to students and parents.
  4. Stockton University’s Dual Credit courses prepare students for the rigor of college.
  5. Your school’s participation in Stockton University’s Dual Credit Program will promote increased enthusiasm and motivation among your high school dual credit faculty, encouraging curriculum development and sharing pedagogy, ideas and experiences that not only benefit students and parents, but your entire school.

Dual Credit Agreement

Upon request from your administration, a Stockton University dual credit coordinator from the School of General Studies qualified in the designated dual credit academic subject area will visit your high school and work together with your administration and faculty toward reaching the approval and the signing of an articulation agreement for dual credit courses.

Dual Credit Instructor

In order for students to be able to earn Stockton University’s dual credits by taking a class at their high school, a high school teacher must be approved by meeting Stockton University’s teaching standards at the level of an adjunct instructor.

Curriculum Alignment

The proposed dual credit course must be aligned with a Stockton University on-campus class. With this in mind, the coordinator of dual credit reviews the high school’s existing curriculum, such as syllabi, copies of assignments, exams, textbooks and other supplemental materials in addition to reviewing the teacher’s grading rigor. In most cases, the high school teacher is able to make modifications to the course and syllabus that are required by the dual credit coordinator so the alignment can be accomplished.

Approval and Signing

The dual credit coordinator recommends the course and dual credit teacher and delivers the proposed course syllabus and high school teacher’s c.v. to the Dean of the School of General Studies. The Dean evaluates the course alignment and the high school faculty member’s qualification and makes a recommendation to the Provost. Upon the Provost’s approval, an agreement is drawn up and sent to the school district/high school head administrator. After the high school Superintendent and/or Principal and Director of Curriculum have signed the dual credit agreement, the high school sends it back to the University. It is then submitted for final approval to Stockton University’s President, Provost and Dean of the School of General Studies. Once they add their signatures to the agreement, the course can be offered to the high school students for dual credit.

Maintaining University Standards

After the dual credit agreement is signed, Stockton’s dual credit coordinator provides consultation and mentoring as needed to the high school dual credit faculty members and continues to evaluate the high school dual credit program to ensure quality and high standards are maintained. The coordinator also makes site visits with classroom observation, reviews curriculum, syllabus, facilities and equipment and works with the high school administration and dual credit faculty to ensure that the high school dual credit course continues to align appropriately with Stockton University’s course (content, outcomes, assessment, pedagogy).

The dual credit coordinator also organizes high school dual credit faculty consortiums, symposia and events for each discipline. These functions promote higher professional standards and build collegiality and community among the faculty from the many schools sharing dual credit with Stockton University.

Empower Your Students and School

Initiate your dual credit partnership with Stockton University today.