CashCourse Online Financial Education Lessons

There are many free financial education websites that accept funding from private financial companies or that would like to sell you somthing. There are also plenty of fee-based financial education materials. Some of these are quite good. Many are not.

CashCourse is a free, non-commercial, independent, website with financial literacy lessons and worksheets for college students. After reviewing hundreds of programs, the Stockton Center for Economic & Financial Literacy (SCEFL) has selected CashCourse as reliable, online, self-paced personal finance program.

CashCourse is provided free to colleges and universities by the National Endowment for Financial EducationĀ® (NEFE). NEFE is a nonprofit private operating foundation with its own organizations and educational institutions who share the belief that providing money management and basic personal financial planning resources for college students today will help create a population of fiscally responsible and self-reliant adults tomorrow.
More about NEFE can be found at 

To access CashCourse toolkit, students need to:

1. Navigate to  and select "Register Now" button under the "Students" section.            

2. Once the registration process is complete, you will be directed to Stockton's college-branded CashCourse website.   

3. You will have to review and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to register for the website. Student information is kept private, and at registration CashCourse only asks for a name, email address,and school.