Summer Academy

Students admitted to Stockton University as EOF freshmen must successfully complete the EOF Summer Academy, before they can enroll at the university. The EOF Summer Academy is designed to develop the skills, character and discipline needed for success at Stockton .

 The Summer Academy is  a rigorous five week academic  program. Students are required to live on campus.. The main goal of the Summer Academy is to provide the EOF students with a strong start to their college experience.

Students participate in the following:

Academic  coursework:

  • Mathematics
  • College Reading and Writing
  • Special Topics (e.g.  College Life, Careers)

Tutorial Services:

  • Individual and group tutoring is provided.
  • All program participants are required to engage in tutoring.

Counseling/Advising Services:

  • All Summer Academy participants will be assigned to an EOF counselor who will continue to serve as a resource during the academic year.
  • EOF counselors assist students with a variety of personal, academic and financial concerns.

Social Activities:

Summer Academy participants are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of social activities. These activities are designed to:

  • Promote personal growth
  • Acquaint students with the college community 

Tuition and fees, books and housing are paid for by the EOF program.