Instructional Continuity Planning - Email Distribution Lists

Email distribution lists are available for each of your course sections. These email lists are accessible through the Stockton Outlook/Exchange email system.


  • Email students course materials
  • Conduct follow up communications via email
  • Note: Students do not have access to these email lists; only the instructor may email out to the entire class.

Resources and preparation needed

  • Computer, web browser, and Internet access
  • Course materials in MS Office (i.e., DOCX, XLSX, or PPTX files) or Adobe PDF format. Adobe is preferable, as some students may not have MS Office on their home computers.
  • Keep in mind that there is a 10MB limit on total file size (i.e., you may send one 10MB file or multiple files that total 10MB). For file preparation strategies, please visit
  • Prepare your students – Direct your students to login to the portal and check their email for course assignments and other information should an emergency arise.

Procedure for using email distribution lists

  • Sign on to Stockton email (Outlook) system by connecting to the goStockton Portal at or by connecting to Outlook Webmail at
  • Create a message addressed to your class. The general form of the address is (e.g.,, ).
  • Send your course email messages with course materials attached

Available training in advance of use

  • Contact the Office of E-Learning (609) 626-3479

Available support after you begin use


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