Online/Hybrid Instruction

Photo of Student on a LaptopStockton offers full credit courses that you can take in online and hybrid formats.

Online Courses fall under two instructional methods, online (ONL) and distance education online (DEONL).  The Online course has no on-campus meetings.  All communication between Instructor and student and between students is facilitated electronically.  The Distance Education Online Course (DEONL) is a course that is primarily taught online but will have scheduled in-person class meetings.  These meeting times will be listed, in advance, in the course registration.

Hybrid courses (DEHYB) have a portion of the course instructional time face-to-face and a portion facilitated online.  Details on face to face meetings will be listed in the course registration system. Be sure to read these details carefully.

For further information regarding online courses or programs please refer to the information and links below: