How to Apply

  • Obtain a Federal Student Aid ID for use throughout the federal aid process during and after college from the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid ID web site. You will need a FSA ID to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you’re a dependent student, your parents should also apply for a FSA ID. The FSA ID will enable both the student and parent to sign the financial aid application electronically and to access other federal student aid websites. Safeguard your FSA ID and remember it. You will need it to reapply for financial aid next year. 
  • File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after October 1st and before Stockton’s priority deadline of  March 1st of the upcoming academic year. You may file the FAFSA on-line using FAFSA on the Web, which contains built-in edits to help prevent costly mistakes, at Be sure to indicate Stockton’s federal school code: 009345
  • Complete the required ADDITIONAL information requested from NJ Department Higher Education
    (HESAA).  You will forfeit any state assistance if you fail to complete this important step within the state's required deadlines. 
  • When the Admissions Office notifies the Financial Aid Office that you have been accepted to Stockton University, the Financial Aid Office will then notify you of the financial aid awards you are eligible to receive. 
  • Promptly respond to any requests from Stockton for additional information or documents, such as submitting your federal tax transcript (obtained from the IRS ), verification worksheets, or other forms. Financial aid cannot be awarded and disbursed until these documents are received within the deadlines.  
  • Directly reply to any requests for additional information from the NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority. Failure to reply to their requests will result in cancellation of state assistance. 
  • Promptly notify the financial aid office if you wish to reduce or decline loans or Federal Work Study (FWS). 
  • Notify the financial aid office if you will not be attending Stockton.
  • If you are a first time Federal Direct Stafford loan borrower, you MUST complete the Federal Direct Stafford loan master promissory note (MPN) and complete an entrance interview form. You will receive instructions for the completion of these forms. 
  • Students who are accepting Federal Work Study (FWS) have the opportunity to work and earn spending money while at school. Earned FWS funds are disbursed via a payroll check and are not credited to the students account. You will receive additional information from the financial aid office about the program and the required forms needed before you begin working. FWS program