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Free to Be is a Parent Co-op

Cooperative preschools involve parents in the school experience. Participating in the Co‐Op helps families to connect with us, creating a sense of community. There are many ways to participate, and you should choose the way that best fits your family and your lifestyle.

Families assist in the upkeep of the Center through regular cleanings and maintenance, supporting the existing program with events and fundraisers, and creating a more personal experience by sharing skills, talents, and expertise. Family participation helps usto maintain the Center and develop a sense of belonging and ownership, which results in longer lasting educational gains for the children.

For more information on the Parent Co-op, please refer to the Parent Handbook or ask one of the Free to Be staff members!

Parent Testimonial Project

Hear from some of the Free to Be parents, both past and present, about what makes the Center so special. Each month we will feature a different parent. 

July 2019: Marina
"Kids are allowed to be free. They're allowed to be kids." 

Marina Parent Testimonial

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Free To Be is a vibrant, welcoming community. Families are invited to become actively involved in the day to day life of our school. There are many ways to participate. Families may contribute to our homelike environment by sharing talents, skills, and expertise. In addition, a variety of social activities, potluck dinners, co-op jobs, and an interactive parent board allow families to create a strong connection with each other and with the school. 

For upcoming events or details about parent involvement, click on one of the following links. 

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Parent Handbook