Philosophy and Curriculum

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Free To Be takes a holistic, life-oriented approach to educating and caring for young children. Our philosophy is based on the belief that all children are “rich, powerful, and competent.” Emphasis is placed on the individual, encouraging each child to become a passionate, curious learner. A balance is provided between child and teacher directed activities with a strong emphasis on helping children acquire skills that will help them become successful in school and in life.

Our curriculum is inspired by nature and supported by a dynamic outdoor classroom in the woods. Learning through play and actual experience is essential in our program. Children are encouraged to discover their interests, talents, and passions. Through purposeful interaction and intentional play, children develop sophisticated intellectual skills, thoughtfulness and self-confidence.

We place a high value on becoming a community of learners. Our mixed age setting supports children as individuals and allows each child to develop at his/her own pace. The bonds created between children, teachers, and the environment are full of love and respect. Nurturing relationships and creating a sense of community are essential in the unique journey into the joy of learning and discovery at Free To Be.




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