Meet our Staff

Free To Be is staffed with a full-time Director/Head-Teacher, a full-time Teacher, and a part-time teacher.  Collectively, these professionals have decades of experience in the field of early childhood education. In addition, they take advantage of the University’s support for ongoing professional development. The teachers work collaboratively, using a team approach. They are willing to use innovative approaches and feel free to take risks and learn from the children, as well as from each other. They are supposted by a FT clerk typist who handles paperwork and billing for the school.

College students are hired as teacher aides, ensuring a high teacher-to-child ratio. The students are a valuable asset to the school. Each day they bring enthusiasm, talents and perspectives, which contribute to the positive atmosphere.

Elyse Marder-Smith

Elyse Marder-Smith, Director

Jenn Houser

Jenn Houser, Head Teacher

Kelly Renn

Kelly Renn, Teacher 3