About Us


Nestled in a wooded site on campus, Free To Be provides a unique environment where children and adults can create, discover, and explore.  The Early Learning Center provides an enriching experience for children ages 3 - 5 of families in the Stockton community: students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The curriculum aims to help children develop creativity, strong problem-solving skills and a rich sense of inquiry.  Our connection with Stockton University provides Free to Be with an abundance of resources and opportunities to promote the intellectual development of young learners.

Family involvement is a special characteristic of Free To Be.  We believe that developing a sense of belonging and ownership is essential to the life of the school.

Free To Be enjoys a reputation for providing high quality, cutting edge practice in the field of early childhood education.  The doors first opened in 1974.  Today our school is as alive and new as it was back then. 

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