Hiring Adjunct Faculty

Human Resources has prepared the following guidelines to assist hiring managers and departments with locating pertinent information regarding the recruitment and hiring process of Adjuncts from position inception/approval through onboarding.

  • Hiring School creates Adjunct job posting(s) using provided job template.  Jobs will be posted indefinitely to gain a pool of applicants to choose from. 
  • Completed job template(s) are to be sent via email to the Talent Acquisition team in the Office of Human Resources.  Within the email, provide a list of employees who need access to the job applicants.
  • Once the job has been posted to HireTouch, an email notification will be sent to the Hiring School.  
  • Hiring School reviews applicants and changes statuses to the appropriate option (i.e. DNQ, Interview Scheduled).
  • All Interviews will be conducted by the Hiring School.
  • Divisional Executive approval is required and must be sent to the Talent Acquisition team via email.
  • When a candidate is chosen for hire, the Hiring School must inform the Talent Acquisition team via email.  This will begin the hiring process which includes an internet search, background check, and completion of onboarding forms. 

Part 1 - Once an offer of hire is accepted the new Adjunct receives two emails:

  • The first email will welcome the new Adjunct to Stockton University and includes the following two links:

    • Link #1: New Adjunct is asked to log onto their HireTouch account to review and complete all of the onboarding documents, including payroll forms and acknowledgment of receipt of certain policies and procedures.
    • Link #2: New Adjunct is asked to complete section 1 of the electronic I-9.
      • Hiring School must verify section 2 of the new Adjunct's I-9 within three days of their start date.  The origination date must be sent to Payroll via email.

  • The second email will be sent from Stockton's background check vendor which includes a background check questionnaire.  This is the start of the background check process and must be completed by the new Adjunct.

Part 2 - An email notification is sent to Payroll from HireTouch upon the completion of the background check and onboarding forms, which then initiates the Banner input process:

  • Workflow email is generated, creating the new Adjunct's email, portal and Blackboard access.
  • Payroll sends notification with the new Adjunct's Z# to the Hiring School.
  • Hiring School completes the new Adjunct's  New Employee ID Card Request Form.

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