Hiring a Civil Service Employee

Human Resources has prepared the following guidelines to assist hiring managers and departments with locating pertinent information regarding the recruitment and hiring process of classifed staff from position inception/approval through onboarding.

Prior to initiating the workflow PACT, the hiring manager will do the following:

  • Verify the appropriate classification and compensation with the Manager for Talent Acquisition
  • Confirm that there is no pre-existing candidate pool with the State’s Civil Service Commission

The workflow PACT is the authorization to hire.  Intiate workflow PACT with the following attachments:

  • Job description template
  • updated organizational chart
  • Budget and Presidential approvals (if the position is other than a FILL VACANCY)
  •  Create a recruitment plan that includes the names of search members or hiring team and requested advertising sites.
  • Jobs are automatically posted to the our job opportunities pages.  Noncompetitive positions may be posted on other advertising venues or websites.  Be reminded that the goal is to reach a diverse and qualified applicant pool.  Please refer to the detailed listing of suggested advertising venues 
  • Hiring department will review all applicants and changes statues to appropriate option ( i.e. DNQ, Interview Scheduled)
  • When ready to schedule interviews, the list should be sent via email to the Recruiter assigned to your job for scheduling
  • All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of background check; written offers are done by the Office of Human Resources.
  • The Office of HR will pre-screen all candidates selected or interview
  • All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of background check
  • All written offers are done by the Office of Human Resources;  hiring departments are not authorized to extend an offer to the candidate

For information rearding onboarding, please visit our Manager & Department Onboarding for New Employees page. 

NJ State Civil Service Commission Job Titles

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