NE & NL Employees

What does it mean if my title is NE or NL?

The NE employee normally working 35 hours will receive compensatory time for the 36th through the 40th hour.  NE employees working in excess of 40 hours per week will be compensated at time and a half.   

Based on N.J.A.C. 4A:3-5.6, CWA University Employees in the classified NL category of employment (non-fixed workweek) have no claim or entitlement to time off or cash compensation for hours worked beyond their normal schedule. NL employees are exempt from wage and hour overtime rules. NL means “no-limit” workers. These employees shall work at least a 35-hour workweek with intermittent requirements for a longer workweek as warranted to complete projects or assignments. The State of New Jersey has determined that these titles are exempt from coverage by the overtime compensation provisions of the federal FLSA. This is the standard rule and supervisors should manage expectations and workloads accordingly to meet the operational needs of their units.

However, “unusual requirements” for additional work time by NL Employees may be compensated by allowing roughly comparable times off, i.e. Employees who are required by their supervisor to report to work on a regularly scheduled day off are granted compensatory time off on an hour for hour basis. Examples of “unusual requirements” would include work to support the implementation of new technology or completion of time sensitive, one-time projects or initiatives.  NL Employees are not eligible for compensatory time for work done as an extension of the regular work day except in extreme emergencies.  Such extraordinary conditions must have VP and HR approval in advance.

As a rule, all CWA Titles in Ranges 24 and above are NL such as PSS2 and PSS1.

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