Academic Affairs - Policy & Procedures

Number Description
II-2 Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure
II-3 Academic Calendar
II-6.1 Registration
II-6.3 Remission of Out-of-State Tuition for Certain Foreign Nationals
II-6.4 Residency Defined for Tuition Purposes
II-7 Planning for the Master Schedule
II-10.5 Faculty Evaluation Policy
II-13 Student – Course Load Categories
II-16 Determination of a Student's Academic Level
II-17 Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal
II-20 Graduation With Honors
II-21 Participation in Graduation Ceremony
II-22 Posthumous Degree
II-24 Double Major
II-30 Course Attendance Policy
II-70 Emeritus / Emerita Status Policy
II-73 Terminal Degree Equivalency for Appointment to Professorial Staff Policy
II-81 Computer Access and Use
II-91 Student Information System
2001 Emeritus / Emerita Status and Privileges
2005 Student Academic Honesty
2006 Advisory Board on Grades and Standing
2008 International Travel Procedure
2011 Academic Tutoring Center Procedure
2012 Preceptorial System
2014 General Studies
2016 Second Baccalaureate Degree; Awarding of
2017 Course Numbering, Grading Policies and Course Sequencing
2018 Drop / Add and Withdrawal from a Course
2019 Student Status - Categories and Criteria
2020 Leave of Absence / Withdrawal from College
2021 Administration of Credit-By-Examination Program Procedure
2022 Double Major Procedure
2030 Course Attendance
2031 Skills Competency Requirement
2032 Undergraduate Transfer Credit
2033 Registration
2040 Life Cycle of a Degree Program
2050 Graduation
2060 Terminal Degree Equivalency for Appointment to Faculty
2101 Master Schedule Production
2102 Certification of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Students
2200 Education Abroad
4101 Library Services
4103 Grants and New Academic Programs
4105 Copyright Law
4107 Duplication of Media Materials
4109 Use of Library Space
4117 Media Production
4121 Library Collection Development
4124 Headliners Awards Materials
4134 Borrowing of Library Materials
4136 Reserve Collections
4137 Interlibrary Load Service
4146 Media Equipment Circulation
4148 Operator for Media Equipment
4152 Media Equipment Losses
4156 Production of Instructional Materials by Faculty, Students and Staff
4162 Production Services for External Organizations