Administration & Finance - Policies and Procedures

Number Description
VI-4 Accepting Service of Subpoenas, Court Orders and Other Legal Documents
VI-10 Applicability of Civil Service Rules and Regulations
VI-10.2 Unclassified Staff and Faculty - Terms of Appointment
VI-10.3 Performance Evaluation
VI-10.6 Agreements Resulting From Collective Negotiations
VI-11 Holidays
VI-11.1 Office Hours, Work Week, Lunch Period, Breaks and Emergency Closing
VI-11.4 Employees Who Are Candidates For Public office
VI-12 Lump Sum Sick Leave Payout Option
VI-12.1 New Jersey State Compensation Plan
VI-13 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
VI-13.2 Employee Disciplinary Guidelines
VI-14 Health Benefit Plans
VI-20 Cabinet Officers Appointment, Reappointment and Reassignment
VI-22 Compensation Plan for Executive and Managerial Employees
VI-23 Executive and Management Hours of Work
VI-26 Disciplinary Matters
VI-27 Management Policy: Leaves of Absence
VI-28 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace
VI-42 Fixed Assets
VI-44 Payment of Tuition, Fees, and Indebtedness to the College
VI-45 Refunds Upon Withdrawal
VI-46 Delinquent Accounts
VI-53 Tuition Waiver For Senior Citizens
VI-54 Tuition Waiver For National Guard Members
VI-55 Tuition Waiver For Unemployed Persons: Job Training Program
VI-56 Investment Policy
VI-57 Debt Management Policy
VI-57.5 Post Issuance Tax Exempt Bond Compliance Policy
VI-65 Signatory Authority Policy
VI-67 Contracts With Music Licensing Organization Concerning Licensing & Royalties for Music On Campus
VI-70 University Policy and Procedure Authority
VI-89 Internal Audit
6010 Dispensing of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus
6012 Accepting Service of Subpoenas, Court Orders and Other Legal Documents
6100 Pre-employment Reference and Background Checks
6101 Search Process for Unclassified Positions
6104 Part-Time Employment of Staff Members
6105 Uncompensated Employees
6107 Volunteer Workers
6110 Resignation From the College / Release From Contract
6111 Classified Staff - Resignation and Absence Without Leave
6113 Enrollment in Benefit Plans
6115 Employee Advisory Services
6116 Overtime
6119 Time and Attendance Reporting
6120 Faculty Attendance and Leave – Paid and Unpaid
6122 Emergency Overtime
6125 Donated Leave Program
6128 Voluntary Furlough Program
6131 Employee Identification Card
6134 Changes in Personal Status
6140 Disciplinary Guidelines for Supervisors
6143 Employee Recognition
6146 Exit Interview
6149 Leaves of Absence - Unpaid
6152 Retirement (Alternate Benefit Program)
6153 Leaves of Absence - Paid
6154 Paid Time Off for Temporary and Student Workers
6155 Retirement (PERS And PFRS)
6158 Staff Development and Training
6161 Tuition Assistance and Tuition Waiver for Employees
6164 Tuition Waivers for Spouses, Dependents, Couples in a Civil Union and Domestic Partners
6165 Tuition Exchange Program
6167 Grievances
6200 Initial Appointment, Reappointment, Reassignment
6205 Compensation Plan for Executive and Managerial Employees
6210 Hours of Work for Executive and Managerial Employees
6215 Executive and Managerial Performance Evaluation
6220 Disciplinary Matters
6300 Job Posting (Classified Employees)
6305 Performance Evaluation for Classified Employees
6310 Promotions (Classified Employees)
6315 Transfer and Reassignment (Classified Employees)
6320 Reclassification of Positions - Classified Employees
6325 Recruitment and Selection of Classified Employees
6330 Working Test Period (Classified Employees)
6360 Procedures for Internal Complaints Alleging Discrimination in the Workplace
6390 Solicitation on College Property
6395 Personnel Records of Employees
6400 Refunds Upon Withdrawal
6403 Petty Cash Funds
6404 Cash Items Throughout the College Procedure
6406 Billing Procedure - Centralized
6409 Tax Exempt Bond Compliance
6410 Investment Procedure
6411 Accounts Payable
6412 Travel
6412.5 Reception / Entertainment
6416 Signatory Authority Procedure
6417 Identification Card Replacement
6418 Receipt and Deposit of Funds
6419 Credit Card Acceptance by Departments
6420 Cell Phone
6421 Internal Audit Procedures and Standards
6611 Credit Cards for Employees
6640 Mail Services
6700 Grants and Contracts Cost Sharing (Matching)
6701 Grants and Contracts Cost Transfer
6913 Worker's Compensation