Office of the President - Policy & Procedures

Number Description
I-1 Board of Trustees
I-1.5 Evaluation of the College President and Board of Trustees
I-2 Powers and Duties of the President
I-3 Authorizations in Absence of the President
I-4 Mission Statement
I-5 Organizational Structure
I-6 Accreditation
I-9 Board of Trustees By-Laws
I-9.5 University Seal
I-11 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
I-12 Strategic and Annual Planning
I-16 Open Public Meetings Act
I-18 Legal Representation of State Employees
I-19 Political Issues and Correspondence
I-20 Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Foundation
I-50 Code of Ethics
I-52.2 Research and Professional Development Committee
I-52.5 Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects
I-55 Campus Conduct Code
I-57 Campus Hearing Board
I-58 Administrative Hearing
I-60 Student Organizational Funding
I-61 Allocation and Disbursement of College Activity Fee Funds
I-67 Disability, Accessibility, and Reasonable Accommodations
I-68 Committee for Diversity, Equality and Affirmative Action
I-70 Publications
I-92 Space Advisory Committee
I-98 Grant Applications and Management
I-99 Effort Reporting and Certification for Grants, Contracts and Other Sponsored Agreements
I-100 Emergency Closing
I-100.5 Emergency Operations Plan
I-101 Policy For the Evaluation of Professional Staff
I-102 Emergency Reporting
I-111 Printing of Union Materials
I-112 Public Information
I-120 Student Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination in the Academic / Educational Environment
I-125 Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal Policy
I-126 University Whistleblower Policy
1011 Advertising Procedure
1014 News Media Relations Procedure
1031 Appointment of College-Wide Committees, Councils, or Boards Procedure
1032 Campus Hearing Board Procedure (Students)
1032 Campus Hearing Board Procedure (Faculty and Staff)
1035 General Assurances Statement: Protection of Human Rights in Experiments
1060 Policy and Procedure Development and Approval Procedure
1070 Emergency Closing
1071 Emergency Operations and Procedure
1090 Institutional Grant Application and Management
1095 Guidelines for Administration, Application, Distribution and Reporting State Appropriated Development Funds
1096 Sabbatical Leave Application
1097 Research Participant Payment Process Procedure
1099 Effort Reporting and Certification for Grants, Contracts and Other Sponsored Agreements
1101 Commercial Printing
1102 Duplicating Material
1103 Request for Graphics
1104 Printing Request Approvals
1105 Graphics Support Services
1106 Stationery and Business Cards
1161 Strategic and Annual Planning
1200 Student Procedure Prohibiting Discrimination in the Academic / Educational Environment
1210 Internal Procedures of the Committee on Campus Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
1600 Protection of Minors