ADP/PEP at Stockton

Stockton's American Democracy Project/Political Engagement Project (ADP/PEP) is an interdisciplinary committee of faculty, staff, and students who collaborate to plan and promote programming focused on fostering civic education. Throughout the academic year, ADP/PEP develops programs on a range of different timely political and policy issues that are designed to increase political awareness and engagement for our campus community. Stockton's ADP/PEP is affiliated with AASCU's national, multi-campus American Democracy Project initiative. 

The Stockton faculty and staff members of ADP/PEP are (alphabetically):

Faculty Chair: Claire Abernathy 

Staff Chair: John Froonjian

Administrator Representation: Peter Baratta, Dan Douglas, Lisa Honaker, Carra Hood, Claudine Keenan, Lolita Treadwell, Jeff Wakemen

Faculty Representation: Lauren Balasco, David Carr (Emeritus), Richard Colby (Emeritus), Lauren DelRossi, John Guers, Michael Hozik (retired), Kristin Jacobson, Bill Santamore, Linda Wharton,  Kerrin Wolf, Tina Zappile

Staff Representation: Joseph Argueta, Patrick Burns, Kevin Coopersmith, Pat Fazio, Darya Hrybava, Erin O'Hanlon, Dianne Stalling, Diana Strelczyk, Daniel Fidalgo Tomé

Students: Nadira Anderson, Anthony Farfalla, Bryan Gonzalez-Mejia, Syeda Sanjidha, Bill Watt