Release/Duplication of Student Records

External Release

Upon the expressed written consent of the student concerned, the entire record is released to an individual, institution, or organization specified by the student unless the student specified that only the official transcript be released. No other portion of a student's record is released separately. Transcripts from previous institutions attended are not forwarded.

Students who want to designate a proxy (parent or other person) to view specific educational records should submit the Release Records to Parent or Another Party (FERPA) form.

Permanent Files

A student's record will be archived within five years after the student graduates, withdraws, or otherwise leaves the University. Included in the permanent file are:

The final official transcript.

  • Official transcripts from other institutions received by Stockton regardless of whether the credits were applied to the academic history at Stockton.
  • Appropriate official correspondence.

All rules for access and release still apply.