TLC - Themed Living Communities

TLC BannerStockton University first-year students can choose from a variety of themed residence halls intentionally designed to help students achieve career goals and personal growth. We call these experience-based learning places Theme Living Communities(TLC).


Currently, we have five TLCs, LIVE Clean, Go Green, Multicultural LIVE, LIVE (H)S.T.E.M. – Health Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math, Leadership Discovery LIVE, and LIVE Lavender. These unique themed communities may reside within the Housing 1, 2, and 3 complexes.
Each of these themed communities has its own focus, specific objectives, excursions, and programs. Additionally, each themed community aims to help students develop transferable skills for the future.
We invite you to learn more about what these communities offer. You are sure to find a TLC where your talents and ambitions can be realized and enhanced.


Live Clean and Go Green:
The Live Cl­ean and Go Green TLC will encourage residents to consider personal, regional, and global perspectives on sustainability. This TLC includes “green gatherings,” a bi-weekly social, to continue critical dialogue and share ideas, news, and the impact around sustainability. The programming will focus on exploring the pine barren, lake Fred, community garden, and attending events on campus focused on living green. The passionate residence assistants will complement the objectives of the Live Clean and Go Green TLC by inviting guest speakers to educate and engage students in dialogue related to sustainability, environmental crisis, etc. Whether you are interested in climate change, personal health, or just want to live more lightly on the earth, this themed floor is for you.

Multicultural LIVE
The Multicultural LIVE explores the idea of what it means to be an active member of the community to promote social justice issues in a global society. They will work to define social justice and diversity in their own terms by sharing stories from personal experience or current events. This community can be an outlet of expression through poetry, art, songs, music, etc. This TLC focuses on helping residents increase their ability to generate ideas, combat challenges, and recognize opportunities for self-expression to become activists in their communities. Students will have the opportunity patriciate in Green Dot & By-stander interventions trainings, field trips to museums, and discussions concentrated on global awareness, cultural connectedness, current political climate and social justice issues.

LIVE (H) S.T.E.M. – Health Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
The (H) STEM TLC meets the needs of incoming-freshmen who are interested in health science, engineering, technology, and math areas as their majors. This TLC will assist residents in achieving academic excellence, develop personal success, and support successful career development in (H)STEM. We will provide direct tutoring on the floor for the (H)STEM residents. This TLC will pave the path to making strong faculty and staff connections by taking residents to on campus research symposiums, workshops, lectures, and discussions focused on (H)STEM and help student readiness for careers in STEM fields (ex: StockHack, Graduate Students Research Symposium, career fair). LIVE (H) S.T.E.M. is not only great for forming study groups and getting moral support, but also great for making friends with first year students interested in the same things as you.

Leadership Discovery LIVE
The Leadership Discovery LIVE TLC will focus on creating opportunities for discovering residents’ leadership strengths and develop leadership skills. The benefits of living in this TLC will include career development, time management skills, strength finder, organizational psychology, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and presentation skills. You will have a chance to live with other like-minded freshmen students, who are eager to get involved on campus and build strong friendships. Start your leadership and entrepreneur training today and apply to live in the Leadership Discovery LIVE TLC!

Live Lavender
LIVE Lavender is a first-year experience Themed Living Community that encourages social justice advocacy in a gender-inclusive environment for first-year students who identify as LGBTQ+ or an ally. This community will collaborate with Stockton University’s Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Center, as well as Stockton University’s Pride Alliance, to provide exciting programs and resources for all students. Students living in this community will engage in enriching dialogue and programs to develop an understanding of one’s self and others. LIVE Lavender provides a welcoming environment for all students to learn, grow, and celebrate their identities.

NOTE: Gender inclusive housing is a residence hall option composed of students who identify as any gender. These residents may share a bedroom space and/or a bathroom space.

For additional requests regarding gender-inclusive housing, outside of the LIVE Lavender TLC, please visit the following link: Gender Inclusive Housing.

Upperclassman residents who are interested in the LIVE Lavender community may learn more by emailing

The Residential Life is currently accepting pre-applications for the Themed Living Communities (TLC) 2018-2019! You must complete your Housing Application along with the pre-application for the Themed Living Communities. The Housing Application can be found in your Stockton goPortal. Choosing to live in a TLC is choosing to make connections with your new roommates and find your niche in residential living at Stockton University.

TLC Overnight Experience

If you requested to reside in one of our six Themed Living Communities for the 2018-2019 academic year, take advantage of the TLC Overnight Experience. The TLC Overnight Experience is an opportunity to stay in the residence halls during the summer, meet friends, participate in TLC focused activities, and get a jump start to campus living.

Students will stay overnight on campus from Saturday, July 14, 2018 through Sunday, July 15, 2018.  A $30 fee is required to secure a spot for the event.

SPACES ARE LIMITED FOR THE OVERNIGHT EXPERIENCE: Complete the housing application for TLC Overnight Experience through your housing portal or click here for the direct link to the goPortal.


The pre-application can be found at the following link: TLC Pre-Application

For priority consideration, please apply by the deadline of May 1st, 2018.