Records Retention and Disposal

Stockton University follows the requirements of the NJ Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, Records Management Services ( for all records retention and disposition schedules; research and development policies on electronic records; aid in the inventory and appraisal of records for reorganization or disposition projects; and approval routine records disposal requests.

All requests for authorization for disposal are processed through the University's Department of Procurement/Contracting and Risk Management.

The new procedure is now generated through the on-line Artemis System, using Internet Explorer.  After being added as a new user the requester will submit their request to the approver, following the instructions given to them by the Procurement/Contracting and Risk Management Department. After review, the approver will submit the request to the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (DORES) for authorization.

Please email Robert Yufer at or call him at (609) 652--4698 to be added as a user.