Advisory Board Members

The Sankofa Retention Initiative has an advisory board made of some of Stockton’s most well-rounded, dedicated, and passionate faculty + staff members. The Advisory Board is in place to guide the direction of the program, serve in a supervisory role to the head + peer mentors, and advocate for the program and its members in all spaces they inhabit. Sankofa Advisory Board members are professionals in a plethora of university divisions, departments, and offices and provide a sincere + calculated connection for Sankofa members throughout the entirety of the campus community.

The 2021-22 Advisory Board consists of the following members:

Mr. Darius W. Edwards, M.A.

Mr. Darius W. Edwards, M.A., Coordinator for Inclusive Communities + Social Justice Education

609.761.1233 | Atlantic City Residential Complex A1-127
Dr. Walter Tarver

Dr. Walter Tarver, Assistant Vice President, Student Transitions, Access and Retention

609-652-4804 | Dean of Students Office CC-243J
Ms. Tiffany Rice, M.S.

Ms. Tiffany Rice, M.S., Student Success Coach, Educational Opportunity and Success Programs

609-652-4648 | F-109d
Mr. Christopher Connors

Mr. Christopher Connors, Director of Financial Aid

609-652-4836 | CC201D
Mr. Giancarlo Brugnolo

Mr. Giancarlo Brugnolo, Associate Director of Event Services and Campus Center Operations

609-626-3410 | CC241
Mr. Aaron Moss

Mr. Aaron Moss, Assistant Professor of Theater/Directing

609-626-3146 | K-126
Dr. Adam Miyashiro

Dr. Adam Miyashiro, Associate Professor of Literature

609-626-6020 | F213A
Dr. Joseph Cirio

Dr. Joseph Cirio, Assistant Professor of Writing and First Year Studies

609-626-3144 | H-224
Dr. Thierry Saintine

Dr. Thierry Saintine, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and First Year Studies

609-652-4641 | J-220