Members will include organizations with the ability to support aviation research in the research park.  The bulk of the membership organizations will be in this membership level.  Members will consist of organizations that have focused expertise, technology, or products related to aviation.   Members will consist of medium and small business organizations.

Other Membership Benefits include:

  • Name recognition in the lobby of the main building, on the web site, and in any public relations activities.
  • Inclusion in the research park directory.
  • Invitation to all events conducted at the research park (e.g., Open House, symposiums, conferences, or other public events).
  • Networking opportunities with other members of the aviation research community.
  • Opportunities to participate in product incubation, innovation, and commercialization with other members.
  • Opportunities to assign personnel (e.g., employees, scientists, professors, students) to gain advanced experience and exposure to a highly technical and realistic research environment with other aviation organizations.
  • Participation in conferences, meetings, and seminars with other aviation professionals.
  • Participation on the Management Advisory Team, Technical Advisory Team, steering committees, and other focus groups that will be formed to address new technologies, innovations, incubation activities, and other aviation research and implementation challenges.
  • Opportunity to participate in Mentor-Protégé relationships to support the development and growth of small businesses.

The term of service for members can range up to 5 years.