Environmental Sciences – Minor

A minor consists of 24 credits with at least two courses at the upper level (3000 or above). Each student selects a coherent sequence of courses appropriate to his or her academic interests. The courses will be selected in consultation with an ENVL faculty member and must be approved in advance by the ENVL program. Interested students should see the program coordinator for further information and the minor approval form.

To earn a minor in Environmental Science, each student must earn a GPA averaging at least 2.0 in program and cognate courses and must pass any ENVL core courses with a minimum grade of C. In addition, environmental studies offers a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is becoming increasingly important as a cost-effective means of data analysis and presentation in a wide range of specialties. GIS is also a necessary tool in a decision-making process for strategic planning and location selection. Please refer to the current Academic Bulletin for specific information on minors in Environmental Program.

Applying for a Minor

To apply for a minor in Environmental Science/Studies, you must fill out and sign a Declaration of Major/Minor/Change of Preceptor Form, which can be found on the Academic Advising Website. Once you have filled out the form, you must have a faculty member of the Environmental Sciences Program sign. The form is returned to the Center for Academic Advising in the Campus Center, Room 242.


Minor Requirements