Bradley Forrest

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 609.626.6860
Office: B-009a
Website/CV: Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D., Mathematics, Cornell University (2009)
M.S., Mathematics, Cornell University (2005)
B.S., Mathematics and Physics, Harvey Mudd College (2002)



Discrete Mathematics
Calculus I, II, III
Geometry for Teachers
Linear Algebra
Foundations of Mathematics
Geometric Topology


Theoretical Mathematics for Teachers
Abstract Algebra
Games, Puzzles, and Mathematics
Mathematics and Politics

Image of Stockton University Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Brad Forrest




Topology; Geometric Group Theory; Community Scholarship; and Recreational Mathematics: Games and Puzzles

My mathematical research focuses on Geometric Group Theory, which is roughly the study of symmetries. Most recently I have been investigating symmetries of fractals, and trying to produce a mathematically rigorous way to understand these symmetries. I am also passionate about recreational mathematics, specifically the mathematics of puzzles and games. This passion motivates my work as faculty advisor to Stockton’s Gaming Club, and has led me to develop a general studies course: Games, Puzzles, and Mathematics.

I take great joy from working with students on research projects, and regularly have 2 or 3 research students. Most of the projects that I advise are centered in Geometric Group Theory or Recreational Mathematics, though I occasionally advise projects in Graph Theory or Combinatorics. My research students have studied the Rubik’s Cube, Self-intersecting polygons, knot theory, braid based cryptography, knight’s tours, the Vicsek fractal, self-avoiding walks, polyominoes, and graphs made by replacement rules.



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