Pamela Kosick

Associate Professor of Mathematics








My research interests lie in discrete mathematics. This includes commutative algebras, finite fields, polynomials over finite fields, and in particular, finite commutative semifields, which in essence are the closest algebraic structures to a finite field.



Ph.D. University of Delaware, 2010
M.S. University of Delaware, 2005
B.A. The College of New Jersey, 2002

 Image of Stockton University Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Pam Kosick



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B. Forrest, P. Kosick, J. Vogel, and C. Wu, Mathematical Achievement of High School Students Through Community Partnership: A Red Balloon Initiative, Teacher-Scholar, 4 no. 1 (2012) 29-38.

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R.S. Coulter and P. Kosick, Commutative semifields of order 243 and 3125, Finite Fields: Theory and Applications - Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Finite Fields and Applications, Contemporary Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, 518 (2010) 129-136.

R.S. Coulter, M. Henderson and P. Kosick, Planar Dembowski-Ostrom polynomials for commutative semifields with specified nuclei, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 44 (2007) 275-286.