Mohammad I. Mohammad

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Phone: 609.652.4402
Office: H256



My teaching experiences in college extended for more than 25 years have not only helped me to improve my teaching skills but also have encourged me to pursue a life-long career in teaching and reseasch. During my career I have been montored 45 undergraduate students and 10 graduate students and I think I have the skills of mentor including willgness, availablity and honesty with diplomacy. My teaching phiolsopgy based on the fact that the best teachers were those who cared the most about teaching. This obsession is critical component of teaching as it leads to systematic preparation, regular evaluation and of course the pleasure of watching students learn.


 Eco-Physiology, Molecular Physiology and Phyto-medicine 



Biol 1200-002 Cells and Molecules
Biol 2100- 001 Ecology
Biol 3414- 001 Plant Ecology 



My recent research projects concerned the isolation and identifications of ioactive compounds from medicinal plants.
Studying the halophytic plants in Sabkha habitat.



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