Laboratory Staff

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Justine Ciraolo

Executive Director of Academic Laboratories
and Field Facilities


(609) 652-4490


USC2 - 201

Adam Redding

Assistant Director of Academic Science Laboratory & Field Facilities

Safety Compliance & Training Officer, Chemical Hygiene Officer, Oversight of NAMS Laboratory Operations & Maintenance, Coordination of Emergency Response with Campus Police and Campus Health & Safety Officer.


(609) 652-4484


USC - 236

Lester Block

Professional Services Specialist IV
Academic Laboratories and Field Facilities —
Chemistry and Biology; 

Set up and break down upper level biology courses and lower level chemistry courses: Microbiology, Chemistry II, Chemistry for Life Sciences I & II, general lab maintenance, safety support, Vertere, etc.


 (609) 626-5508


USC - 136

Caitlin Clarke

Professional Services Specialist IV

Assistant to the Sustainability program.


 (609) 626-5435


A&S - 216

Linda Dotts

Professional Services Specialist IV

Set up and break down upper Biology courses and lower level Chemistry courses (Genetics, Chemistry I & IV), general lab maintenance, Safety Sheets, Lap Top Coordinator, Vetere, etc.


(609) 626-6837


USC - 336

Jeffrey Dukes

Professional Services Specialist IV  — 75%

Assistant to the Physics Program.

Handles Teaching Assistants and Graders for Environmental Studies, Sustainability, Marine Science, Physics, Mathematics and Geology


(609) 652-4584


USC2 - 222

Desiree Gaston

Secretarial Assistant III


(609) 652-4943


USC2 - 302


Thomas F. Hancharuk

Professional Services Specialist III

Instrumentation Specialist



(609) 626-3536



A&S - 212


William J. Harron

Professional Services Specialist IV

Science Facilities —Lab support, equipment repair, general lab maintenance.



(609) 652-4583



F - 018

Toni F. Hilson

Professional Services Specialist III

F-Wing Support Staff


(609) 652-4488


F - 001

Eve M. Jaworski

Professional Services Specialist III
Laboratory Operations

Ordering and receiving laboratories supplies,
key boxes, chemistry student lockers, teaching assistants/graders for Chemistry & Biology, cylinder moves, Vertere, general lab maintenance. Please work with Eve for all general lab supply orders.


(609) 652-4489



Marie Jelinski

Professional Services Specialist III

Elf Grant requisition and payment, consumable inventory, equipment inventory, Inventory Control Officer, ordering supplies for Nacote Field Station and Marine Sciences.


(609) 626-3619


Marine Field Station

Sheila Kanaley

Program Assistant — 75%
Evening laboratory support, B&E set up and break down.


(609) 626-3569


USC2 - 324

Lynn Kinzler

Principal Clerk Typist


(609) 626-6027


USC2 - 302

Melissa Laurino

Professional Services Specialist


(609) 652-4581


 F - 015

Robert McKeage

Professional Services Specialist IV



(609) 652-4584


A&S - 216

Bridget O'Connell

Professional Services Specialist IV

Chemical preparation, assisting with laboratory preparation, Vetere, hazardous waste.


(609) 626-6820


USC - 321


Gina Petruzzelli

Professional Services Specialist IV

Set up/break down upper and lower level Biology courses and lower level Chemistry courses (C&M, assists with Chemistry IV, Chemistry for Life Science I & II), general lab maintenance, equipment support —YSI, Vertere, etc.



(609) 626-3809



USC -140A

John Rokita

Principle Lab Technician / Animal Care



(609) 652-4581



F - 015

Christine Schairer

Professional Services Specialist IV


(609) 626-6813 or
Greenhouse (609) 626-5608 


USC2 - 215 or
USC2 - 328

Jon Vega

Professional Services Specialist IV — 75%

Chemical preparation, Vertere, hazardous waste, equipment support, Millipore maintenance, etc.


(609) 626-5984


USC2 - 231


Steven Evert

Assistant Director of Marine Field Station
Marine Field Station Manager

B.S. Biological Oceanography, Florida Institute of Technology
M.A., Instructional Technology, Stockton University
U.S.C.G. Master license 50 ton - United States Coast Guard
Facility & resource management, marine operations, and hydrographic survey

(609) 652-4486



Dave Ambrose

Research Technician, 75% 13M position

B.S. Marine Science, Stockton University
Marine operations and field research support



(609) 652-4486


Nacote Station


Marie Jelinski

Professional Services Specialist

B.A. Biology, Stockton University
M.S. Safety Security & Emergency Management, Eastern Kentucky University
Business operations



(609) 626-3619


Nacote Station

Nathan Robinson

MFS Assistant

B.S. Marine Science, Stockton University
U.S.C.G. 50 ton inland/offshore 6 pack license - United States Coast Guard
Marine operations, marine surveying, vessel maintenance and outfitting


(609) 652-4486



Elizabeth Bick-Zimmerman

MFS Assistant

B.S. Marine Science, Stockton University
M.A., Instructional Technology, Stockton University
Marine operations, marine surveying, and wetlab operations 


(609) 652-4486