Service-Learning Courses


Course # Course Name Professor
ANTH2245 Race, Ethnicity and Immigration Nazia Kazi
BIOL3504 Conservation Biology Daniel Hernandez
CMDS5120 Language Disorders in Small Children Monika Pawlowska
COMM 4902-001 WLFR Internship Jo'el Ludovich
COMM2103 Writing for the Media Erin O'Hanlon
COMM2402 Video Production Toby Rosenthal
CRIM3320 Homeland Security Jess Bonnan-White
EDUC2241-005 Inclusive Learning in Education Shelly Meyers
EDUC2241-091 Inclusive Learning in Education Chelsea Tracy-Bronson
GAH2206 Introduction to South Indian Classical Dance Shanthi Rajaraman
GEN1038 Perspectives on Civic Engagement Daniel Tome
GEN1043 Tools for Social Change Rona Whitehead
GEN2101 Leadership, Strategy and Change Frank Rudnesky
GEN2202 Peer Education Luanne Anton
GEN2215 Peer Education: Drug and Alcohol Laurie Dutton
GEN2235 Gender Equity in Sport Eileen Conran-Folks
GEN3952 Writing Tutor Practicum Pam Cross
GIS3117 Experiencing China Amy Situ-Liu
GIS3307 Why Poetry Matters Emari DiGiorgio
GIS3673 Understanding Global Learning Jiangyuan Zhou
GIS4601 African-Americans: A Seminar Shawn Donaldson
GIS4605 Disability Cultures & Advocacy Lydia Fecteau
GNM1136 Science of Forcasting Waves David Werner
GNM2129 Ocean Planet: Where the River Meets the Sea John Wnek
GSS1053-001 Ethics and Professionalism Ann Walker
GSS1053-002 Ethics and Professionalism  
GSS2358 Perspectives on Women Betsy Erbaugh
GSS2722 The Law and Social Change Karen Garcia
GSS3184 Community Schools: Urban Change Agents Dr. John Gray
GSS3618 Sport, Media, and Gender Diana Strelczyk
HLTH2501-001 Teamwork and Collaboration in Healthcare Luis Garcia
HLTH2501-002 Teamwork and Collaboration in Healthcare Margaret Slusser
HLTH2501-005 Teamwork and Collaboration in Healthcare Anthony Dissen
HLTH2501-006 Teamwork and Collaboration in Healthcare Anthony Dissen
HLTH2501-007 Teamwork and Collaboration in Healthcare Luis Garcia
HLTH3413 Basic and Therapuetic Nutrition Anthony Dissen
MKTG5340 Marketing Communication & Social Media Diane Holtzman
OCTH6160 Research Seminar Vicky Schindler
PHYS2220 Physics I Joseph Trout
POLS3260 Interest Group Politics Claire Abernathy
PSYC2201 Adolescence Kaite Yang
SOCY2355 Black Lives Christina Jackson
SOCY2410/ANTH2410 Stigma Laurie Greene
SOCY3642 Social Research Methods Jessie Finch
SOCY4685/ANTH4685 Senior Seminar Joseph Rubenstein
SUST4900 Internship in Sustainability Maritza Jauregui