Benefits of Service-Learning

Students who complete a service-learning project gain powerful tools to add to their supply of skills as a student and citizen. Students will...

  • Learn from experience
  • Gain personal and interpersonal skills
  • Develop social problem solving skills
  • Learn civic innovation and responsibility
  • Form relationships with potential employers, receive recommendations for jobs, and gain experience that will add to a resume or portfolio
  • Learn outside the classroom
  • Become more actively involved in the community
  • Sharpen critical thinking skills through social/current issues
  • Receive credit on your official transcript -- GENS3851 Service-Learning

Service-Learning Student Standards

  • Reliability: Scheduling commitment must be fully honored
    • Fully participate for the minimum number of hours committed
    • Record your hours
    • Emergencies that prevent you from meeting your commitment require a phone call to your site supervisor
  • Professionalism: Staff at the community agency will be your guide in developing a professional approach to working with the community and addressing their individual needs
    • Follow the community partners' policies and procedures. If you have any problems, report them to your site supervisor as soon as possible.
    • You should abide by the community partner's dress policy for professional staff
  • Confidentiality: In many fields. information about community members or partners is covered by strict rules of confidentiality. Your site supervisors know how your service might be affected by obligations of confidentiality, and you may be asked to submit a signed confidentiality agreement
  • Sensitivity: When you are in the community, be aware of situations and experiences that may affect your own safety. Ask your site supervisors to give you instructions and then take the steps to safeguard yourself
  • Service-Related Injuries and Illnesses: Every service-learning student should sign a release of liability as part of their initial orientation. Make sure before beginning your assignment that you are covered by independent health insurance
  • Education: To ensure the complete holistic experience please refer to Reflection and Dialogue sessions listed below