Vice President



The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to transforming our students into globally aware, productive citizens who are life-long learners with the ability to work globally. We will accomplish this transformation in a learning environment that provides memorable, high quality experiences designed to enhance intellectual curiosity and to nurture personal and interpersonal growth.


The Division of Student Affairs, through teamwork, collaboration, innovation and excellence, delivers comprehensive co-curricular services designed to enhance campus life, increase student retention and graduation rates, prepare students for their careers, stimulate higher academic achievement and inspire meaningful community involvement.

The Vice President's Office

The Division of Student Affairs is organized to provide comprehensive programs and services to undergraduate and graduate students, including approximately 3,000 residential students. These programs and services are intended to enhance campus life and enrich the academic programs of the University.

Reporting to the Vice President for Student Affairs are offices that encompass a broad spectrum of student life issues including community development, diversity, engagement, inclusion, retention, transition, wellness, residential life and more.


Four Assistant Vice Presidents report to the Vice President for Student Affairs, encompassing a variety of student support offices, including:

  • Career Center
  • Coordinated Actions to Retain and Educate (CARE) Program
  • Dean of Students 
  • Educational Opportunity Fund  (EOF) Program
  • Event Services and Campus Center Operations
  • New Student Programs
  • Residential Life
  • Student Development
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Military and Veteran Services
  • Wellness Center

Contact the Vice President for Student Affairs at or 609.652.4225.