First Ospreys

We are so proud of our 2024 Graduates!

Congratulations First Ospreys

The First Ospreys visited Miami, Florida for the First Generation Student Career Leadership Experience

First Ospreys Attend First-Gen Conference

A First-Gen Forward University

It's part of Stockton's DNA to have a significant commitment toward first-generation students.
Harvey Kesselman, President Emeritus

First Ospreys is a retention initiative that celebrates, supports, and prepares first-generation students to ensure successful completion of their undergraduate studies. We aim to connect students to existing programs and resources and promote a sense of belonging within the Stockton community. We are committed to raising awareness about the experience, knowledge, and value that first-generation students bring to campus. 


What is a first-generation college student?

First-generation students are those whose parents or guardians have not obtained a four-year college degree.