Cannabis & Hemp Research Initiative at Stockton (CHRIS)

photo of Hemp plant

The Cannabis & Hemp Research Initiative at Stockton (CHRIS) provides cannabis and hemp education, research, and resources for local and national markets.

Our mission is to conduct agricultural and non-medical cannabis and hemp research, leverage our scientific expertise to develop a testing laboratory and provide opportunities for community engagement and education. 

CHRIS demonstrates Stockton’s commitment to cannabis education by:

  • Offering quarterly hemp and cannabis industry relevant panels
  • Hosting an annual Cannabis Curriculum Convening to bring together a myriad of cannabis educators from other educational institutions
  • Housing helpful cannabis education artifacts, articles, and links to reliable sources on our website
  • Arranging educational seminars and interactive events in our fields and greenhouses
  • Partnering with like minded businesses and organizations to conduct research projects, to educate the public, and train the post prison population to work in the hemp or cannabis industries
  • Collaborating with our Continuing Education Department to continue to develop and update cutting-edge cannabis curriculum leading to a Stockton University Cannabis Certification

As one of the first universities to offer a Minor in Cannabis Studies, CHRIS further cements our commitment to the development of an educated, motivated, diverse, equity-based cannabis and hemp workforce.

Cannabis & Hemp Research Initiative Quarterly Education Panel

December 1, 2021
12 pm - 1pm
Status of the New Jersey Hemp Program

In this free event our panelists will summarize and analyze the hemp program in New Jersey. We will discuss the licensing process, the current state of the business, and future opportunities. We will reserve some time at the end of the panel for attendee questions. 

Please register for the event by clicking here!

extreme close up of hemp viewed under an electron microscopeMinor in Cannabis Studies to build a foundation for participating in and understanding the cannabis industry.

Minor in Cannabis Studies

photo of hemp flowerProfessional Development courses and Certificates in Cannabis Studies provide targeted workforce training. In addition, we now offer a Social Justice and Cannabis class.

Professional Development