A Hughes Center Conversation: Stockton University Student Leaders Discuss Coping with COVID-19



Hughes Center for Public Policy staffer Darya Hrybava interviewed three Stockton University student leaders about how they coped with remote learning during the pandemic. The resulting 16-minute video serves as a poignant reminder of the personal challenges and successes experienced by Stockton’s resilient student body.

The students are:

  • Tahreem Rajput, biology major, Student Senate Government Affairs Committee Chair and Hughes Center Steering Committee member
  • Laurie Melchionne, literature major and Assistant Editor of The Argo
  • James Culbertson, history major and President of the Stockton Model U.N. Club.

They share their disappointments as plans were canceled and discuss occasional struggles adapting to online instruction. But the young leaders also tell the Hughes Center how they overcame such challenges and successfully continued the work of their student organizations. The bottom line: despite the negative impact of the pandemic, these students found ways to remain civically engaged and well represent the spirit of Stockton University.


This video is the latest in a series of recorded online Hughes Center Conversations about relevant public policy issues. Find a list of all recordings to date here.