Scientific Diving

Divers down!

Dive crew explores a revolutionary war wreck in the Mullica River.

Current profiling instruments are set by divers off Holgate, NJ.

Stockton’s Scientific Diving Program is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).  The purpose of these Scientific Diving Standards is to ensure that all scientific diving is conducted in a manner that will maximize protection of scientific divers from accidental injury and/or illness, and to set forth standards for training and certification that will allow a working reciprocity between organizational members.  Stockton's program supports the research activities of the faculty operating out of the MFS, as well as provides a platform for training and AAUS certification of Stockton-affiliated faculty, staff and students.  

Recent dive-supported research projects include:

  • RJ Walker expedition
  • Mullica River Wrecks
  • Tuckerton Reef Oyster Restoration studies

For more information about our dive program or to collaborate in our region on a related project requiring diving or vessel support contact the Dive Safety Officer Dr. Peter Straub.


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Dive Safety Officer Pete Straub prepares to dive the Tuckerton Oyster Reef.

The R/V Petrel is the primary dive platform for the Stockton team.

A diver awaits his team member before sampling an oyster reef.