MACJ Faculty

Jess Bonnan-White

Jess Bonnan-White, Ph.D. (University of Iowa) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Conflict resolution, disaster response, humanitarian assistance, international development, Middle East conflict, anthropology, trauma studies, quantitative and qualitative data, research methods, peace-building.
Deeanna Button

Deeanna Button, Ph.D. (University of Delaware) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Social inequality, violence/victimization, gender and sexuality, LGBTQ youth and resiliency, criminology, research methods, statistics.

Joshua D. Duntley

Joshua D. Duntley, Ph.D. (University of Texas) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Evolutionary psychology, forensic psychology, homicide, stalking, victim defenses, human mating, statistics.

Susan Fahey

Susan Fahey, Ph.D. (University of Maryland, College Park) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Terrorism, political instability, governance and legitimacy, criminological theory, quantitative data, research methods, statistics, transitional justice.

Marissa P. Levy

Marissa P. Levy, Ph.D. (Rutgers, The State University) - Professor of Criminal Justice

Environmental criminology with emphasis on spatial analysis of crime (crime mapping and crime prevention), evaluations, statistics.
Manish Madan

Manish Madan, Ph.D. (Michigan State University) - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

International and comparative research, gender policy, victimization, media, policing, statistics.
Richard Mulvihill

Richard Mulvihill, M.Sc. (Nova Southeastern University) - Instructor of Criminal Justice

Police and public safety administration, corrections, criminal justice technology.
Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds, Ph.D. (University of Wyoming) - Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Exploitative strategies and decision making, homicide, forensic/legal psychology.
Kimberley Schanz

Kimberley Schanz, Ph.D. (CUNY Graduate Center) - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Behavioral crime scene analysis with an emphasis on the behavioral aspects of sexual assaults, forensic psychology.
Rupendra Simlot

Rupendra Simlot, Ph.D. (University of Rajasthan) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Forensic science, crime scene investigation, high tech investigation, criminal justice management, police and their issues, international culture.
Christine Tartaro

Christine Tartaro, Ph.D. (Rutgers, the State University) - Program Director; Professor of Criminal Justice

609-626-6035 | G252

Corrections, research methods and statistics, violence in correctional facilities, suicide in correctional facilities, program evaluation, sentencing.