Mohammed Jaradat - Choose Stockton

Mohammed Jaradat

Mohammed Jaradat

Class of 2024
Major: Master of Social Work
Hometown: Deptford, New Jersey

Why did you choose Stockton?

I decided to attend Stockton because I wanted a fresh experience that involved living on campus and immersing myself in a new environment. However, I also wanted to stay relatively close to home so I could visit when needed. Choosing Stockton offered me the perfect balance. It allowed me to embrace the excitement of campus life while being financially reasonable.

How did you choose your major?

I have always been driven by a desire to have a meaningful impact on society and help as many people as possible. What got me to choose a social work degree was recognizing its versatility. I realized it could be a powerful tool to achieve these goals. Social work encompasses various ways to advocate for people, fight for social justice, and address human behavior and mental health matters. Obtaining my Master of Social Work (MSW) opens doors to many fields, including clinical and non-clinical settings, higher education, non-profit organizations, K-12 education, and so much more.

What have you gotten out of your academic program so far?

The Master of Social Work program requires an internship each semester. My first-year internship was with the Dean of Students Office. This opportunity gave me insight into higher education, specifically from a student affairs standpoint. The program actively brings in external organizations across various fields, enabling students to expand their network and effectively support their post-graduation careers.

What other opportunities have you had at Stockton?

I have had many opportunities at Stockton, such as being part of the Men’s Rowing team for two years and being a head mentor of the Sankofa initiative. Working in the Office of Residential Life has been my most beneficial opportunity. I started as a student worker and was later hired as a Resident Assistant. This was a great opportunity for me to develop my communication, teamwork, and time management skills. After I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and got accepted into the MSW program, I got hired to be a Graduate Hall Director for Residential Life, and this was another great opportunity to further develop many skills.

How is Stockton preparing you for the next stage of your life?

My time at Stockton has been very transformative, not only on a personal level but on a professional level. I started at Stockton just before the pandemic struck and chose to remain on campus during that first summer. During this time, the Office of Residential Life played a pivotal role in shaping my experience. I got involved quickly, and my first task was organizing the first overnight orientation program. This allowed me to deepen my involvement. I became an RA and later a Graduate Hall Director, which enhanced my connection with campus resources. This experience profoundly influenced my academic journey and ultimately motivated me to pursue graduate school in social work. I aspire to remain within higher education to contribute in the same impactful way it has been for me.

What are your career goals?

While I may have a vague career goal at the moment, my overarching goal is to make my way to leadership positions where I can work to make the most considerable change to benefit the most people. I have a deep passion for advocating for marginalized groups and assuming a leadership role would empower me to make a significant impact in advocating for these marginalized groups.

What advice do you have for students thinking about attending Stockton?

Choosing a school is a tough decision that you have to make. The best advice I can give is to tour the campus and make sure that it feels like a home or community to you. If you are looking for a school where your voice matters, look no further. Stockton is rooted in creating unique experiences to meet the unique needs of students attending college now. Stockton is wholeheartedly invested in making sure you leave feeling prepared to navigate life in a way you are destined to be great.