Meet Our Student Callers

The Stockton Phon-a-thon

The Stockton Phon-a-thon is comprised of a group of hardworking student callers who come together and dedicate their time to raise support for the Stockton Fund. Our academic and personal achievements would not be possible without the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends of the University. As student callers, it is our privilege to share the importance of supporting our soon-to-be alma mater through gifts to the Stockton Fund. These gifts have a direct and positive impact on the education of students at Stockton, the development of the programs and campus, as well as the experience of the whole Stockton community. So, when you see the call from 609-652-1776, pick up the phone because you have the power to make a tangible and lasting impact at Stockton University!

Thank you to our generous donors during last year's Phon-a-thon!
Check out the highlights below.

Phonathon Inforgraphic ROI16