About the Dual Credit Program


The mission of the Dual Credit Program at Stockton  University is to provide a community service to college  bound high school students, giving them a jump-start on college by providing the opportunity to earn college credits and complete high school course requirements simultaneously.


The Dual Credit Program at Stockton University provides a community service to college-bound high school students, giving them a jump-start on college by providing the opportunity to earn college credits and complete high school course requirements simultaneously.

In 2009, New Jersey statute charged the commissioner of the Department of Education, the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, and the President's Council with the task of establishing a program to provide courses for college credit to high school students. New Jersey’s dual enrollment programs intend to increase access to postsecondary education for the state’s high school students.

Stockton University is one of New Jersey’s 11 public institutions of higher learning charged with carrying out this mandate to build strong partnerships with high schools and serve to bridge the gap in support of high school student preparation and success in college. Stockton University has created the largest high school dual credit program in New Jersey.

It is Stockton University’s mission through its partnership with high schools to help students prepare for success in college by exposing them to university-level material and providing them the advantage of making progress toward a college degree in a timely and affordable way. The University also ensures that we reach underserved and underrepresented populations in the state, thus contributing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the community.

Students & Parents

What if you, as a high school student, could get a jump-start on earning your college degree while saving yourself or your parents up to a total of $2,050.00 per 4 credit college course on the cost of tuition and fees?

You and a National Trend

Each year, an increased number of New Jersey high school students and students across the nation are enrolling in dual credit programs like Stockton University’s to get a head start on their college education.

A Partnership

Stockton University and your high school’s dual credit program is a collaborative partnership. Dual credit is an opportunity for you to receive high school and Stockton University credits simultaneously for the same course while still attending high school. Upon dual credit course completion, you receive a letter grade that is then recorded on your official Stockton University transcript.

Qualified Faculty

Qualified dual credit faculty from your high school serve as Stockton University adjunct instructors, providing the same rigor and content as Stockton on-campus instructors. Dual credit courses taken at your high school are equivalent to the same courses taught on-campus.

Dual Credit Research

Research from the Education Commission of the States (http://www.ecs.org) shows students enrolled in dual credit programs have higher high school graduation rates and are more likely to enroll in college than their peers. Students in these programs are also more likely to enroll in college full time and less likely to require remedial coursework. Dual credit students report higher GPA’s and more total credits earned by the second year of college than students who do not take dual credit courses. Research also shows dual credit students are more likely to finish college.


Numerous benefits when you participate in dual credit courses:

  • Earn college credits while you are still in high school.
  • Better prepare yourself for college.
  • Be sure you are prepared for college by taking courses at the college level.
  • Make a better transition to college because you gain confidence in doing college-level work.
  • Enhance your ability and skills to do college level work.
  • Prepare yourself for the likelihood of success in subsequent collegiate work.
  • Enhance the skills required of you to be successful at the collegiate level such as time management, critical thinking, problem solving, study skills, communication, creativity, and following directions.
  • Be challenged by taking accelerated dual credit courses demanding your highest level of performance.
  • Begin your new college experience while remaining within the security of home, school and friends.
  • Save money: reduce your cost of a college education. Save money by receiving college credit at a reduced rate.
  • Save time: you’ll be able to enter college with some or many credits already completed and shorten the amount of time it takes to graduate from college.
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment by registering for dual credit courses that count as both credits for your high school diploma and your college degree.


With a passing grade of C or better in a Stockton University Dual Credit course, you can earn four college credits per eligible course that will be recorded on your Stockton University transcript. A transcript is part of a student’s permanent academic record. The transcript show all the courses in which the student was officially enrolled, the final grade for each course, cumulative grade point averages, and degrees or certificates earned.

Cost Effective

Aside from being convenient, the dual-credit program is very cost-effective for students. Students participating in the program get a reduced credit rate of $100.00 per credit with all additional fees waived. Stockton on-campus students tuition and fees for a 4 credit course is $2,450.00. Registering for Stockton University’s dual credit at your high school will only cost you or your parents $400 for a 4 credit course.