Dual Credit in Media Production

In preparation for college, high school students who have completed the prerequisites and advanced to the required level of their film or media production curriculum are qualified to enroll in Stockton’s approved dual credit course in media production. Students with talent and vision will enjoy the privilege of being taught by high school film and media teachers who have distinguished themselves both in the field of media production and media education. The dual credit in media production is one of the courses Stockton University recommends to high school students in preparation for making a smooth transition from high school to college. Motivated students who want to be better communicators and who are looking for an academic and creative challenge will find their high school’s dual credit course in media production through Stockton University highly rewarding.

Student holding a video camera with stabilizer

Course Alignment

The approved dual credit high school course in media production at each high school meets the following criteria:

  1. It is the highest level course offered at the high school in film or media production and acts as the “capstone course” in the high school’s production curriculum.
  2. In terms of rigor and content, it is equivalent to Stockton University’s “GAH- 1226: Techniques of Film & Video Production” course.
  3. The course includes a college level textbook or equivalent college level written materials available online.
  4. Both mid-term and final examinations are given based on the text.
  5. Required of each individual dual credit student: a final project 3 minutes or longer, video/film completed and portfolio ready, written, directed and edited by the enrolled dual credit student.
  6. Pre-production research and script development is an important component to the course, in addition to the stages of production and post-production.
  7. The dual credit course may emphasize any of the following types of production:

    • News, Commercials, PSA’s
    • Documentary
    • Narrative Film/Television (including actors)
    • Experimental

       8.  Either of the following styles or approaches to production may be used:

  • Single camera film style
  • Multi-camera, TV studio & Control Room

Stockton’s Consortium of High School Dual Credit Media Teachers performs an important networking function for our organization. Coming together from our diverse schools is an opportunity to connect and to be supportive of each others' programs. Sharing ideas and concerns strengthens us and helps us to do a better job as teachers serving our students in media production. We have a common goal: our commitment to the success of our students.

  • Samuel Best, Lower Cape May Regional High School
  • Kristen Dirato, Atlantic County Institute of Technology
  • Jason Gates, Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts
  • Dennis Heenan, Egg Harbor Township High School
  • Walter Johnson, Ocean City High School
  • Charles Lockwood III, Oakcrest High School
  •  Lew London, Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts
  • Christian Monroe, Cedar Creek High School
  • Leanna Mullen, Egg Harbor Township High School
  • Michael Piotrowski, Absegami High School
  • Tom Piotrowski, Atlantic County Institute of Technology
  • Ernie Rockelman, Absegami High School
  • David Von Roehm, Charter Tech High School of the Performing Arts
  • Ginny Rutherford, Lower Cape May Regional High School
  • Charles Smith, Mainland Regional High School
  • Denise Steet, Egg Harbor Township High School
  • Jason Thomas, Oakcrest High School
  • Steve Trauger, Ocean City High School
  • Elizabeth Volpe, Atlantic County Institute of Technology
  • Kyle Warren, Charter Tech High School of the Performing Arts
  • Gregory Wheeldon, Ocean City High School

Our Consortium members meet twice a year at Symposia hosted by different member schools. We benefit from hearing presentations regarding what is special about each member’s media production curriculum and pedagogy, in addition to their future plans in media education. The symposia also give members a chance to meet the media production students at other high schools. Activities during the symposia include tours of studios, editing rooms, facilities, and classrooms, and equipment demos. Often, members of Stockton University’s higher administration attend the symposia to address the group and demonstrate Stockton’s commitment to and support of the Consortium and the Dual Credit Media Production Program.

  • Spring semester 2016 – Mainland Regional High School
  • Fall semester 2015 – Stockton University, Main Campus
  • Spring semester 2015 – Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts
  • Fall semester 2014 – Lower Cape May Regional High School
  • Spring semester 2014 – Stockton University, Main Campus
  • Fall semester 2013 – Stockton University, Woodbine

Each member high school media program provides a website detailing the following information:

  • Film & Media Production curriculum
  • Course Syllabus for the Dual Credit Course Shared with Stockton University
  • Film & Media Production Faculty & Staff Bios. & C.V.’s
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Studio, Editing Room & Classroom Layout
  • School Media Program, Events & Contests
  • Student Production Work & Links
  • Student Highlights & Awards
  • Student Works in Progress
  • Production Student Profiles
  • Alumni Success
  • Students Registered for Stockton Media Production Dual Credit Course

Click on the following high schools for links to Consortium member high school media production programs.

  • Absegami High School
  • Atlanitc County Institute of Technology
  • Cedar Creek High School
  • Charter Tech High School of the Performing Arts
  • Egg Harbor Township High School
  • Lower Cape May Regional High School
  • Mainland Regional High School
  • Oakcrest High School
  • Ocean City High School
  • 2016 Artists Alike Film Festival, Absegami High School, (Spring)
  • Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts Film Festival, Town 16 Movie Theater, (early June, 2016)
  • “The Eggies” Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District Media Awards, Absegami High School (Spring, 2016)
  • Ocean City High School Media Festival, Ocean City High School (Spring, 2016)