Stockton Center for Economic & Financial Literacy


Welcome to the Stockton Center for Economic and Financial Literacy (SCEFL), part of Stockton University’s School of Education.

SCEFL’s vision is to complement Stockton University’s distinctiveness as a regional provider of a diverse values-based and learner-centered environment with exceptional teaching and education.  SCEFL’s activities reinforce Stockton University’s work as a community builder and partner in public service committed to the positive development of New Jersey by promoting a population who understand that economic and financial literacy are essential to promote civic engagement and active stewardship for the sustainability of scarce resources.

SCEFL’s mission is to develop engaged and informed citizens, voters, workers, consumers, savers, and investors who understand the interdependence of national economies in the global community and the role of financial institutions in the sustainability of these relationships. Given its place in public higher education, SCEFL offers a range of educational opportunities to socioeconomically diverse life-long learners whether undergraduates, graduates, or members of the broader community in New Jersey.  

SCEFL houses the Southern Regional Office of the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education (NJCFE).  Partnerships with organizations involved in providing financial and economic education allow SCEFL to reach a wide constituency.  And, in conjunction with Stockton University’s Southern Regional Institute and Educational Technology Center (SRI&ETTC), SCEFL works with Pre-K to 12 educators. 

Education Pay$ is SCEFL’s tagline. Not only does spending on education lead to a positive rate of return on the investment but also economic and financial literacy help generate increased household and national savings, investment, and growth for business and the broader economy. One of our goals is that New Jersey be a leader in developing fluency in current and emerging economic issues and promoting financial capabilities.

Education Pay$

Fin Lit? Ask Me How.